Surprise Visit Part 1

As she walked briskly from the car, Annie turned and waved, white wisps of steam rising from her mouth in the wintry night air. Becky waved back from behind the steering wheel, the tires crushing ice and gravel as she drove back onto the road.

Annie’s teeth chattered as she walked up to Bernie’s house. Her thick mittens could not apply enough pressure to ring the doorbell, so squealling with giddy frustration she uncovered her right hand and jabbed. “Yes!” she cried when she heard the ring from inside.

Annie put her mitten back on her right hand, and hopped on her toes, both feet at first then alternating between both feet, slowly circilng on the landing, teeth chattering, lips sputtering with a brrrr.

She turned to the door, looked through the glass door, saw the kitchen light on, as she had seen earlier from Becky’s car. She knew the Scott family well enough to know they were frugal enough to not leave the kitchen light on if nobody was home, so she had asked Becky to leave her there. She had not seen Bernie since fencing practice two days ago, hadn’t really talked to him since their night at the movies over the weekend. It was the longest they had gone without talking since that night they had first kissed at the gym.

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