Chapter 1T

Double-J and Rex stepped back, as if pushed by the force of their colliding weapons. The Coach looked at Bernie, then Annie, neither of whom raised a hand.

Double-J advanced two quick steps forward, causing Rex to shuffle backwards. Double-J stopped, but as Rex began to step forward, Double-J lunged strongly, his foil extended in line with his right arm and his left arm continuing the line and parallel to his back leg. Rex’s parry was late, his timing thrown off from his advancing.

Annie’s arm shot upward, and as the Coach called halt, a cheer rose from the juniors. Rex let his shoulders and head droop forward.

“Attack from my left!” cried the Coach into the microphone. He pointed to Annie, and before she could say yes, the Coach announced, “touch on my left! Score, 3 touches for Double-J, 2 for Rex, which means we have a winner in our short exhibition bout!”

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