Chapter 1S

The two fencers stepped toward each other slowly, Rex holding the tip of his foil knee-level to his opponent, Double-J holding his foil at waist-level and parallel to the ground. Still several feet away, Doube-J extended his arm straight, wrist now at eye level with foil tip pointing down at Rex’s chest; Rex flinched slightly, then relaxed and continued to advance when he saw no immediate attack was coming. Soon each was within striking distance of the other, the tip of Double-J’s foil pointed hungrily at Rex’s chest, with Rex’s foil still pointing down in mocking invitation.

Double-J stepped forward quickly, and Rex brought his foil up quickly to parry. Double-J disengaged, his foil ducking supplely under Rex’s attempted parry, and lunged towards Rex’s right shoulder. Rex met the disengage with one of his own, continuing the motion of his initial parry attempt then bringing his foil under Double-J’s, then blocking the attack — a circular parry.

Rex’s riposte was strong, but the extra time required for his circular parry allowed Double-J enough time to react and parry. Double-J brought his back foot forward, and lunged again; Rex’s parry was late, but the tip of Double-J’s foil passed over the top of his opponent’s shoulder.

Rex jumped back quickly several steps, but immediately lunged when Double-J stepped forward. Parry-riposte, counter-parry and second attack — neither fencer scored a touch.

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