The Story of Winter, Part 4

“The air was given the first night, for a reason which has unfortunately been lost to antiquity,” my mother explained, in an obvious attempt to suppress my question. “And on that first night, tornados tore through the land, uprooting homes and sending humanity scurrying for cover. See how I have obliterated all of man’s achievements! the air boasted at the end of that first night.”

“Water went next, but its plan to flood the land on that second night was thwarted by the air, which did not permit rain to fall, and the earth, which fortified its river banks and sea shores. You cannot allow this interference!, so water complained to the Sun, yet the Sun replied — yes, dear, the Sun could still talk even though it was sleeping — that no rules had been made against such actions. May I assume, then, that alliances are permitted as well? asked water, and when the Sun said yes, water and fire made a pact not to interfere with each other’s plans. Water then removed heat from the land, causing fearsome ice to form on humanity’s roads, crops to spoil, livestock to die. See how I have taken away humanity’s ability to survive, boasted the water at the end of that second night.”

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