The Story of Winter, Part 2

Resuming her normal tone, my mother continued, “The argument among the elements was felt throughout creation — wind stirred up the oceans, fire swept through the lands and clouded the air, rivers overflowed their banks. Humanity, driven to desperation by the devastation, cried out to the Sun for deliverance, and the Sun showed mercy on humanity and spoke to each of the elements. ‘If you will agree to cease your hostilities,’ the Sun decreed, ‘I will agree to judge a competition between you. If you will accept my decision as final, I shall determine which of you elements is the mightiest.’ The elements agreed that the Sun, whose light shines equally on all, would be the best to judge such a contest, which the Sun set down as this: on each of the next four nights, while the sun slept, one element would be allowed to show its power. After the fourth night, the Sun would determine which element had shown the most power.”


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