“So why did you join the fencing team?” asked the Coach.

Bernie shrugged. “Not really sure. I just did.”

“If you don’t mind me saying, I hear that from you a lot,” said the Coach. “You make decisions, without thinking about the reason why you’re making those decisions. You don’t think things through. I worry about you, Bernie — that’s not good.”

“Just going with the flow, Coach. Doing what seems right. Is that so bad?”

“Nah, lot of the time that works out just fine. But there comes a time when you have to decide, this is what I want to do. You figure out what it is you want in life, and you go for it. That part about figuring out what you want — that’s what’s missing.”

Bernie looked silently at the Coach a moment. He then looked to the side, and laughed. “You know what the issue is? I don’t know what I want — but I sure as heck know what I don’t want. That’s what motivates me, getting away, staying away, from the things I know I don’t want.”

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