“I wish we knew where he was,” Bernie said, speaking of the coach years later. “I’d like to speak to him, talk about the fencing team, how much it meant to all of us back then. With the way things ended — well, the team really didn’t end, it just kind of stopped. And truth is, if I had an opportunity back then to say goodbye to him, I probably wouldn’t have taken it, I was just too angry and upset, just wanted to be done with fencing, and with the coach. But yeah, you’re perspective changes over the years, and I realize now what the coach was trying to tell me. And the thing I’d like to say to him now is — thank you for showing me the truth about myself. Even though I couldn’t accept that truth at the time, there was no way I could go back to my delusions after that year on the fencing team. I didn’t want to know the truth back then, but I needed to know — and that’s why I can finally be thankful to him after all these years.”


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