Stan shook his head, hummed a disagreeing laugh as he drank his coffee. Setting the paper cup down, he cleared his throat, then “Jensen’s not crazy. You know what crazy is?”

“Doing the same thing, but expecting the same result?” offered Warren.

“Nah. Close. That’s the definition of insanity. Crazy’s a little bit different, that’s where you keep doing things that you are counter-productive, self-destructive even.”

“Sounds pretty broad.”

“Well yeah, everybody screws up, acts on impulse. That’s being human. But most people, see, learn from their mistakes — they’re self-correcting. Crazy people, those are the ones who can’t see that what they’re doing isn’t helping, that if they don’t get their act together, correct the” — Stan straightened himself in his chair, changing to a mock-professorial tone — ” ‘error of their ways’ ” — he lowered his arms back down to table, dropped the tone — “they’re heading for disaster.”

“I would call Jensen’s behavior self-destructive.”

“Well, yeah, but look at it this way — does he make the same mistake twice? And you gotta admit, he’s doing pretty well for himself. Yeah, the guy’s impulsive, dangerous even — but he’s self-correcting. That’s why he’s not crazy.”

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